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Hotel in Copenhagen.
Hotel in Copenhagen.
9/13/20078 WebDevelopmentEnglish
Freebies. Lots of Ajax tools!
 3 TravelHotelEnglish
Quite expensive hotels. You must register.
8/13/20065 AccomodationOnline adsEnglish
This website can help you track down intermidiate rental property in the London area. Needs registering!
6/16/20078 EducationCoursesEnglish
Users submitted video/audio short courses on all kind of subjects.
1/8/20089 ComputerSupportEnglish
A good free website with plenty of tips and explanations on various computer related topics. It hosts a few forums as well and you can even email them with your issues.
 7 WebDevelopmentEnglish
Web colours in Hexadecimal format. Quite useful!
10/18/20078 WebDevelopmentEnglish
HTML Kit is a full-featured free editor for HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and other text files. Over 400 plugins are available for it, including HTML Tidy for creating standards -compliant web pages.
9/3/20068 InformationTimeEnglish
A great idea to show the time!!

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