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10/2/20078 CarShareEnglish
Share a car instead of using your own.
10/2/20078 CarShareEnglish
Share a car instead of using your own.
12/5/20107 TravelFlightEnglish
It looks at many companies' websites and gives a list of flights sorted by price. Looks good...
Assicurazione online (da verificare).
1/31/20087 Social NetworkFriendsEnglish
Social website to keep in touch with colleagues and professionals. More work oriented than Facebook.
4/28/20077 ComputerHardwareEnglish
Computer accessories including Internet Video Cameras for video surveillance.
4/2/20086 InformationDirectoriesEnglish
Web 2.0 sites directory.
LIVECOM Onlus il primo operatore telefonico non profit italiano... offre servizi di telefonia fissa su rete Telecom e VoIP, servizi di collegamento ad Internet ADSL, HDSL e WI-FI, servizi di posta elettronica free, professionale e certificata (PEC)...
6/3/20078 BlogApplicationEnglish
Open source blogging application.
4/15/20088 CharityOrganisationEnglish
" embraces the education, training and support of young people with the principles of Loving Kindness, which will result in Peaceful Youth. Young people are the next generation, so if you have Peaceful Youth, ultimately you have a peaceful world."

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