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This is the welcome page where you can see any communications that we may want to relay to you.

You can also see the same three boxes you get in the public main page, although the links may vary slightly depending on your favourites settings. You'll also get any bookmarks that you set as personal here and also the ones that are marked to languages other than english.
The first box lists the last ten bookmarks that have been added/updated in; the second lists the last user's favourites links (if the 'Remember Last User' option is checked in the Preferences and someone has logged in previously); the last box towards the right hand of the screen lists the bookmarks with the highest rating scores.
By default, if you click on one of those links, a pop-up window is shown; here you can just accept the website address that you are proposed or type a new one. This is useful because you can use it as a shortcut to type new websites you want to visit and also because these websites won't be recorded in the browser address bar list. Please see a detailed explanation in the Preferences help section and more about this website in the About menu.

Please check out the help sections below to find out what you can do from here.

Note - The following applies to all tables as general rules:

Update: writes the current record in the database.

Clear: resets all the fields in the form. You need to press it before adding a new record.

First: moves to the first record of the table.

Previous: moves to the previous record before the current one.

Next: moves to the following record after the current displayed.

Last: moves to the last record in the table.

AddNew: adds a new entry in the table using the values currently displayed (use reset first).

Delete: deletes the currently displayed record from the table.

Search Id (Adr/Cat/etc.): prompts you for a value to search. If it's a number (like the site Id), just type it and press enter. If it's a string (like Search Adr) you can use wildcards like *ryan*.

Simple Sites Search Back

The Simple Search is, in a way, more powerful then the Advanced.

Here you can type multiple words separated by spaces and all those words will be searched in most fields of the database.
More specifically, they'll be searched in Site Address, Description, Category, Sub Category and Tags. Basically, the way you're used to in a normal search engine.
For example, if you want to find websites that deal with Flights and Hotels and you type "fli hot" all the above fields will be searched for both "fli" and "hot" as if they were two separate queries.
If you want to find a specific bookmark and you remember its unique ID you can enter an equal sign followed by the bookmark Id. For instance, "=598" will return only while if you type "598" (without the equal sign) you won't get any entry returned.

The difference with the Advanced Search is that, in the latter, the search is filtered down by each field. So if you type something in 'Site Address' and 'Description' only the sites that match both will be returned.

Advanced Sites Search Back

When you select this option you are presented with a series of fields to refine your search.
If you leave everything as it is and click on "Search" you will see, in the next page, all the web sites entered in the site table by all users. You will see your own entries marked as "Personal" as well but, obviously, not other users'.

You can specify one or all of the following:

ID: You should enter the bookmark number (Id) only if you know it exactly otherwise leave it blank. If you specify a value here it doesn't make sense to enter any other criteria as the ID identifies a website uniquely.

Site Address: If you don't remember exactly how a site is called you can enter, for example, 'free'. This will search for every site address containing the letters 'free'.

Description: You can now also search in the Description field the same way you'd do for the Site Address. Type any word or part of it and you'll get all the sites that match what you entered.

Category/Sub Category: Extract all the sites that belong to that Category/Sub Category.

Tags: Here you can enter one word only or the exact match in the Tags field of the sites you're looking for. For example you can enter 'maps' or 'maps, pictures' but only if the sites are catalogued exactly as 'maps, pictures' they will be found in the second instance. In other words, if a site has 'maps, pictures, images' in the Tags field it won't be extracted by the search if you type 'maps, images'. But it will if you just enter 'maps' (or 'pictures', or 'images') .

Site Rating: Specifying a value here, you can find, for example, all sites with a rating greater or equal to 5.

Users: You can restrict the search to a particular user (most likely yourself) or see the entire database.

Language: English is the default but you can look for another language or all the ones in the database.

Country: Like the language (except that ALL is the default), you can look for sites aimed at a specific country.

Preferences Back

Here you can set your Preferences on the Search Results.

Number of Results is the number of rows you want to see displayed on every page.

Sort Order sets the field by which the results are sorted by default.

Select "A --> Z" if you want the results to be sorted in ascending order or "Z --> A" in descending order.

If "Pop-up on Clicked Links" is checked, a confirmation box will be displayed and you will be prompted to accept the link you just clicked (in the Home page and also when you log in). You can also type in a new website address here (you don't have to type the whole http bit). This comes in handy if you don't want to open up a new browser window/tab and type the website address in the address bar. Besides, by using this pop-up box, the website you're visiting will not be stored in the browser address bar list. It will still be visible in the browser history though.

"External Links in Same Window" let's you open a visited website in the current window. You will loose your precious though (and have to click on the Back button to retrieve it) so we recommend you leave this unchecked.

Note: you must enable the cookies in your browser in order for the preferences to be stored.

Sites Search Results Back

In this window you see a list of all the web sites in the database, filtered by the criteria you chose (in public mode only. When you log in the results are displayed under the same menu).

Comments Search Back

When you select this option you are presented with a series of options to refine your search.
If you leave everything as it is and press "Search" you will see, in the next page, all the comments entered in the comments table by all users.

You can specify one or all of the following:

Site Id: if you want to see the comments for a specific site.

Site Rating: specifying a value here, you can find, for example, all sites with a rate greater or equal to 5.

Users: you can restrict the search to a particular user's comments or see the entire database.

Comments Search Results Back

In this window you see a list of the users' comments in the database, filtered by the criteria you chose.

Categories list Back

With this option you can get a list of all the categories in the database, most likely filtered by your default language.

Categories Search Results Back

In this window you see a list of all categories, filtered by the language you chose (if any).

Sites Table Back

This is where you enter your favourite web sites in the database.

To enter a new entry please follow the steps below:

First click the Reset button Reset

Then enter the various fields (explained later) and when finished click the Add New button Add New

Id: this is a number given automatically by the program after you have pressed the Add New button to uniquely identify this entry. You CANNOT change this value.

Site Address: this is the URL of the site, i.e. You should always type the entire URL, such as

Category/Sub Category: how you want this site classified. Category is compulsory, Sub Category is not, if Category has no Sub Categories.
If you can't find the category you need, press the "Category" button on the right. A new window will be opened and you will be able to create a new entry but please try to stick to the existing ones where possible. If we create to many categories we won't be able to find our sites very easily.
if you create a new category at this stage, you won't find it automatically in the category/sub category drop down lists. You will have to click on the refresh button of the browser in order to make it available but this may result in the loss of the data just entered. I therefore suggest to copy the site address (ctrl-c), press the Refresh button, press the form Reset button again and eventually paste the address back (ctrl-v).

Tags: this is basically where you enter extra key words/categories, separated by commas. They will be used in searches.

Description: enter here what the site is about, useful comments, your personal opinions on the site. You are limited to 255 characters.

User Name: this is your login name. This value CANNOT be changed.

Site Rating: a quick way to state how much you like the site.The default is 5.

Personal: tick this box if you don't want to share this site with other users but please use this as little as you can because this database is for the common interest.

Language: select the main language in which this site is written. There's the option "Multiple languages" in case the site is international.

Country: select the country in which this site is hosted or for which you think the site is mainly oriented to. In cases where the site address ends with the letters of the country, such as ".uk" for United Kingdom, it's most likely that the information contained in the site is more relevant to the inhabitants of that country. You can leave ">-- Pick One --" if you don't know the country where the site is hosted or if in doubt.

Date: this is the date in which you last updated the current entry. It's filled in automatically if you hit the Reset button or you can enter it yourself. It's usefull to let everybody else know that the website you listed is active.

Tell Friends: if this box is ticked when you are entering a new website in you will be notifying your friends about this new entry. In other words, your friends, selected in the box below (all selected by default), will be sent an email with the new website address you've just entered.
Note that the notification is only sent when you post a new entry, not when you edit an existing one unless you tick this check box manually. Also, if you can't see some friends in the list box it's because you probably unchecked the "Send To" box in their profile (Friends|Edit menu).
If some friends won't receive your notifications it could be for other reasons. They might have unchecked the "Receive From" box or the the "Get Friends Emails" in the Options|Settings menu. Or it might just depend on their anti-spam filter.
To make multiple selections you can use the standard Windows selection keys: Ctrl-Left Mouse click to select/deselect single friends or Shift-Left Mouse click for continuous selections.

Here you can browse and change only the sites that belong to you.
If you want to enter a website that it's been already listed by another user and you are the legitimate owner you can claim the other user's entry by posting a request in the Contact|Claim a Site section. The other user comments and rating will be preserved.

Upload Multimedia Back

There are three steps to get a picture up and running.
This is step 1 of 3.

You can upload a picture for the current site () by clicking on the Upload button in the Sites table.
You can upload files with the following extensions:
jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp, png, tiff, tif, swf.
Please bear in mind, though, that certain file types like 'gif' don't always display correctly in every browser so it's recommended that you stick to the most standard file types like 'jpg' and 'swf'.
You will specify the properties of the file you've just uploaded in step 2. You can upload as many times as you want but you'll always overwrite the previous file as only one multimedia object is allowed for each site.

Payment details (if any) won't be overwritten though.

Setup Multimedia Back

There are three steps to get a picture up and running.
This is step 2 of 3.

When you click on the Setup button in the Sites form you can choose the size of the picture and the other properties.
There are three possible dimension ranges (100 x 100, 200 x 200 & 300 x 300). These are the maximum dimensions of the picture but you'll be able to set any value from 1 to the maximum range you have chosen as the actual size in the 'Actual Width' and 'Actual Height' fields. This because your picture might look better in different shapes and sizes. It's worth thinking about this carefully before you carry on with the activation.

Tick the 'Flash' checkbox if your multimedia file is an Adobe Flash animation. Note that when you check this box also the 'Animation' check box gets turned on but not vice versa. This because you may have another type of animation besides Flash (like a 'gif' - again, be careful with this as it may not work in all browsers). But please DO REMBER to tick the animation check box if you know you're going to display an animation. If you don't check this box and you're displaying an animation your multimedia object will be deactivated.

Note also that if you have just uploaded a Flash animation it may not display correctly at this stage in the preview above the form. It will after you have ticked the Flash check box and clicked on the Update button.

You can also choose the subscription period. From one to three years.
Note that the total price you'll have to pay depends on the Size Range, Subscription Period and the Flash/Animation options you choose. You can see the price changing as you choose the different options.
When the payment is confirmed in the third and final stage, the picture/animation will be displayed in search results.

Activate Multimedia Back

There are three steps to get a picture up and running.
This is step 3 of 3.

When you click on the Activate button in the Sites form you proceed with the activation of the picture/animation.
This is the final step. In this window you can see a preview of your multimedia file exactly as it will be displayed in the search results.
If you're not happy with the way it looks repeat steps 1 & 2 and then come back here but you must be definite about it when you click on the Activate button as you won't be able to change most options once you have confirmed the activation.
Basically, once the multimedia has been activated you can only change the Actual Width and Height.

If you think that in future you'll want to change your multimedia to a Flash animation you should already set it up now (for example importing your picture in Flash without any 'actual' animation) as you won't be able to change this option (but you can upload a new file).

Turn Off Multimedia Back

If you click on the Turn Off button below the multimedia object will NOT be displayed in the search pages anymore.

WARNING: If you turn off the multimedia file you will NOT be able to activate it again!!

Not sure why you would want to do this but you have the option.

Categories Table Back

Here you manage the core of the search engine. The simpler the better but, on the other hand, if the categories are detailed it's easier to spot the site you're looking for. It's a delicate balance but hopefully we'll be able to manage it adequately.

Don't forget that you may see a subset of the actual data if you set a default language, or the entire table if you chose ALL languages in the Settings.

Comments Table Back

Enter here your opinions on other people's web sites entries.

You must know the website Id you want to add the comment on or, more easily, click on the the Id to the left of the website address in the search results window.

Languages Table Back

You can't change this but please do contact us if your language is not listed.

Countries Table Back

You can't change this but please do contact us if your country is not listed.

Settings Back

Here you can set your default language. This will be used through out the site to filter data (categories, sites).
If you choose ALL as default language you will see all categories and sites at once.
You also have to select your country of residence.

The Favourites are optional. If you want them to show up on the main page to have them handy, enter a list of site codes separated by spaces. For example: 1 230 167 369 5

The Public Favourites are optional as well. If you enter any website codes in here they will show up in the public page, before you login. They are different from the previous ones because you may want to hide some of your favourites from other people if your computer is shared.

Change Password Back

Here you can change your current password.
The password is case sensitive.

Change Email Back

Here you are shown the current email address and user name first (you can't change this two fields).
You are then requested to enter the new email address you want to use (that you have to retype to prevent mistakes).
Like during the registration process, you will be sent an emaill with instructions on how to confirm this new email address so make sure to provide a valid email address that you have access to.

Friends List Back

This is a list of the friends who currently have accepted your invitations to join them on
You can click on a friend's user name to change whether you want to receive and/or send notifications from/to.

Edit Friends Table Back

Here you can modify the default behaviour for your friends notifications, which is both send and receive enabled.
You can browse the Friends table like any other in but the Reset and Add New buttons are obviously disabled.

Invite Friends Back

You can enter up to ten emaill address here to invite your friends to join you to
A standard message will be sent to those email address but you can also add a few personalized lines so that they won't mistake the invite as spam.

Contact Friends Back

You can send a message to your friends, whom you previously invited to join you on, if they have accepted your invitation.
You can select multiple friends to send the message to (by using Ctrl or Shift) or just one from the list box.
If you tick the check 'Send Email as well' box they will also receive the message on their inbox, otherwise they'll see the message the first time the log in to

Contact Back

Send a message to the webmaster through the form.
You need to enter a valid email address in order to get a reply OR you can leave it blank (empty) and we will use your default one.

Report Abuse Back

Please report any website listed in that you deem illegal or offensive.
We do our best to check all new entries but some may slip through so your cooperation is very important.
Please check for the website Id in the search results window.
You need to enter a valid email address in order to get a reply OR you can leave it blank (empty) and we will use your default one.

Claim Site Back

Here you can reclaim a website ownership. If you provide evidence that the specified website is yours and an email address of the same domain, you'll receive an email with further instructions.
Note that the original 'owner' (whoever posted the website first on will be notified of the change of ownership and their description and rating will be added as a new comment.

Warning: If you claim a website without being the legal owner you may be banned from If you just want to share your opinions on a particular website you can add a comment and rating.

Please check for the website Id in the search results window and enter it first. Then enter your email address but remember that you must use an email address registered in the same domain name of the website you want to claim.

About Back

Info about

Mountain Flowers

Are you tired of getting hundreds of pages with meaningless results when you search for a website on a search engine?
Was it on the forth page of an endless list of seemingly all look-alike links? Or was it on the tenth? is a database where you can store your favourite websites so that when you search for them you'll get what you want in the way you want it. With you can carry your bookmarks with you everywhere. Not only, you can also share them with the rest of the world. 
This makes it a powerful search engine, with a twist. Yes because, apart from returning clean and neat search results, you can link each website with a multimedia object, being this a picture or a Flash animation, making it extremely memorable and immediately recognisable. If you think about it, graphics are the parts that immediately strike your attention in a web page (nice flowers, uh?). Well, everywhere, really. Did you jump to the same conclusion I did? Yes, this is a way to promote your website. This way, you are in charge of your own advertising campaign!
It is not meant to be a substitute for your favourite search engine though but more like an addendum and a tool.
If you want to see a very simple example please click here.
You can organize your websites by category and add useful search criteria so that you'll be able to find them easily.
When you search for a site you'll probably get a list with the closest match. You can sort this list by site address, description, date, and so on. And the information is presented in a way that is easy to read and understand. is basically divided into two main sections. The public one, where anyone can search the database and the personal one where you can work in only if you have registered.
In the personal section you can add, modify, delete, rate your websites and much more. You can even mark some websites to be strictly personal to you so that nobody else can see them. Although this feature is available, it is not encouraged because is also aiming to be a search engine for everyone to enjoy (you can share your sites with your friends if you make them public).

No illegal or offensive material can be posted on

You can use this website for FREE. You can post as many sites as you want, always for free but you will be charged a small fee if you want to upload a multimedia file, unless you can take advantage of a promotion like the one we have at the moment so login and check out the upload page. But hurry up. Grab your free picture or animation before they're all gone!

Please see the terms and conditions.

This website is best viewed in Firefox 1.5 or higher or Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher. Other major browsers latest versions, such as Netscape 8 and Opera 9, should work fine as well.
You need to have JavaScript enabled in order to get the site to fully function and also Cookies must be enabled if you want your preferences to be stored. No other data will be stored apart from your chosen preferences. Although having cookies enabled is not essential for to work you'll soon realise that make it a better user experience.

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